Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Voyage to Southern Patagonia - part 1

A Black Browed Albatross - one of our companion species for the 1000 kilometre, 3-day boat journey to Puerto Natales in far southern Chilean Patagonia, starting from Puerto Montt.

Admittedly the colourful fishing boats might suggest that Puerto Montt is more picturesque than it really is.  But cheer up MJC for goodness´ sakes.  You will soon being talking to the nice Swiss lady in the lime green waterproof and seeing marine wildlife, windswept islands, glaciers and fabulous mountains from the channels and bays ahead.

Dramatic changes of weather.  Photo taken off the coast of Chiloe island.

If you are not impressed by our cabin, at least you´ve been spared a shot of the shared bathroom. Yuck.

One of many Southern Giant Petrels along the way.  The rare white form of this species is called a white nellie
Black Browed Albatross taking flight, wingspan 2 metres.  And this is only large enough for them to be categorised as a smaller albatross or mollymawk. 

Magellanic penguins. We also saw sealions and several dolphins (Common and Peal´s) but  the dolphins were too fleeting to photograph.

Entering the Bay of Anna Pink.  No idea who Ms Pink was.

 Here, about to emerge onto the open Pacific for 7 hour stretch.  The air and surface were thick with shearwaters.  Exhiliarating to see so many of them, thousands.

The bow of the Evangelista crashing into Pacific swell as we prepare to cruise southwards through the night.

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