Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Dog and the Pig

We came across these two rapscallions playing together in the street.  The dog would chase the piglet in a circle.  Then they switched and the piglet chased the dog.   The piglet also jumped up and pecked the dog on the face.  I cannot express how heart-warming this vision was on what was otherwise a relatively dull day.
Ms Feachem and I are now working up a Disney-style movie script featuring these two (Hugo and Evo), a guinea pig, an armadillo, an alpaca and an escape on the back of a condor.  The baddie will be an Augusto Pinochet lookalikey farmer who wants to turn Evo into chorizo.
Other ideas for characters and plotlines welcome.

This was the back-drop for Hugo and Evo´s games.  Cochamo, a fishing village which the Rough Guide to Chile describes as beautiful, on a fjord known as Estaurio Reloncavi.  You can see Volcan Yates at the far end, under cloud.

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