Tuesday, 7 December 2010

MJC mounted in the Mountains

MJC receiving last minute rein-handling instructions from equestrian maestro Rudolfo.  As well as being a Chilean rodeo rider, Rudolfo is the owner of Huepil-Malal stables in the northern Lake District, not far from Puçon.

Rudolfo´s spurs.  Animal lovers, contain yourselves.  He just gently brushes the horse´s flanks with them.  When Rudolfo walks, he sounds like a wind chime.

Alas we were not allowed to wear spurs.  But we did have sort of shin-chaps.

Michael on his horse, called Pasta (apparently), with Rudolfo´s colleague Paola.  Paola made sure our horses did not gallop and throw us off.  The peaks of Huequerhue National Park are in the background.

My lovely horse, on the left, is called Recuerdo (Memory). 

 Gracias Rudolfo!

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