Thursday, 16 December 2010

Kayaking off the Last Hope Sound, Patagonia

Visiting mother ship positions to beam up volunteer specimen of Earth's dominant species.

 Here, MJC is not actually being difficult.  Guide Carlos is helping him into his kayak skirt, while Fernando gets the boats ready.

Afloat on Eberhard Fjord.  It was freezing but wonderful.

This region of Patagonia is a little like the Western Highlands of Scotland but X number of times more beautiful and wilder.  Also there are added flamingos and condors.

And zillions of these smart Upland Geese.

It´s REALLY windy though.  MJC and Carlos demonstrate, on top of hilly island in the fjord.

Lots of these orchids (about 4 inches high) on the east facing side of the island.

Our Ms Campbell requests to see more of our "handsome guides".  Carlos on the left and Fernando right.

To be frank, Fernando is doing most of the work here.  As was Carlos in my kayak.

View to some of the mountains in Torres del Paine National Park where we are trekking for 6 days, very soon.  EXTREMELY excited about this.

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