Saturday, 27 November 2010

Out of Bolivia - the Wierd and Fabulous Southwest

Our last two days in Bolivia, in the far Southwest. The most extraordinary landscapes I have ever travelled through.  Lakes of amazing colours... active volcano and totally wierd part-plant, part-mineral growths in the desert.  What is this thing?  Get the renown botantist Dame Dr Bunty Maxwell online now.

Very high, dry and desolate.  MJC with the vehicle that took us across this part of the country.  No photo of our driver Edgar unfortunately.

Flamingos in one of several salt lake.   I m not completely certain which salt gives this lake its intense blue colour.  The white is borax.

Two of the three possible species of flamingo in these photos.  Andean and James (above).

Elsewhere, wind has blown rocks into bizzare sculptures

The 8 metre high Arbor del Piedra which some backpackers insisted on climbing all over.

The viscachas were deeply disapproving

MJC at the Laguna Colorada at about 4500 metres above sea level.  The red colour is from algae.

MJC takes a last bath in Bolivia in hot spring pool of 35 deg C, while the air temperature is something like -5 deg C.

It could be Mars.

The Laguna Verde and Volcan Licancabur.  Behind the volcano is Chile and the Atacama Desert.
Hasta luego Bolivia!

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