Friday, 5 November 2010

Ms Feachem requests Furry Animals

This is a viscacha.  They are like a rabbit with short ears, given a squirrel´s tail.  A sort of chinchilla. They were all around us in the rocks when we were camping at the Condoriri glacial lake.  After several stories from our guide Eloy after dinner about local witchy-type things: for example, an evil female mountain spirit once ripped open his colleague´s tent at this place.... and a donkey which couldn´t bray properly portended the death of a European climber on a glacier two weeks later...   Anyway, later that night, spooky sounds of shifting stones around our tent had one of us fearful of the presence of the Andean she-donkey spirit herself.  The other thought there might be a puma outside.  The noise was of course the nocturnal doings of viscachas.

This dog hasn´t got any fur I know but he´s so cute.  We´ve seen a number of bald dogs - both in Bolivia and Peru.  This one was particularly fabulous in his baby blue romper suit and dirty poncho.   He was so sad too.  None of the other dogs in the street ever wanted to play with him.  He was shunned.

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