Friday, 5 November 2010

The Days leading to Summit Failure

These were spent trekking and camping around the mountains, glaciers and lakes of the Cordillera Real, part of the Western Andes in Bolivia.

The highest mountain, apparently smothered in glacier, is Condoriri - named because it´s a bit condor-shaped.  Unfortunately I have not seen the real thing yet.  Here´s another gorgeous view.

We spent our first night in a farmer´s house in the village of Tuni.  It´s about 4500 metres above sea level and it´s bitter at night and first thing in the morning.

The next two days we camped on the far side of this fabulous lake.

Thank God for the Donkey Lady of Tuni.  She brought the tents, food and in fact all of our stuff on her beasts of burden to wherever we set up camp.

Personal hygiene was a little compromised.  Hands and face washing only, in the icy melt water piped from a glacial stream. I m not going to go on about the lavatories.   Some might be tempted to take Imodium for a week to avoid visiting them.  To be fair, at this site, they weren´t as monstrous as they were elsewhere.

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