Monday, 8 November 2010

Monomania at La Senda Verde

We´ve just got back from a brilliant eco-resort/animal sanctuary, about 100 km from La Paz and almost 2 km lower in altitude.  It´s called La Senda Verde and near the town of Coroico.   Look at one of the hosts....

A capuchin monkey.  Adoption papers and a British passport are being organised.

 Yes, you can hold, stroke and snuggle the monkeys here - if they want it.  It´s amazing.   The monkey species here include capuchins, spider monkeys and squirrel monkeys.  The latter are kept in enclosures because they attack the parrots.  But you can commune with your other fellow primate species if they so choose.

 Sophie is one of the volunteer workers at La Senda Verde.  There were about 6 people who were taking short breaks in their South American travels to stay here and look after the animals, do maintenance on their enclosures etc.
All the animals here have been rescued from traffickers, market places and illegal ´owners´ in Bolivia.  Some arrive here in a bad psychological way. 

Here´s Nina the spider monkey relaxing by the pool, the floozy.  She was really friendly and very much up for a poolside groom.

 Have to say though, the capuchins (this is Nico I think) were my favs.

 Senda Verde are also looking after an Andean Bear who was rescued at the age of two months from a market in Bolivia. 

 He´s eating his breakfast of rice, raw egg, bread rolls and apples (which he saved til last as a final sweet course). 

Senda Verde is also home to many trafficked and some psychologically damaged parrots such as macaws and other species.  I think this one might be a yellow-shouldered parrot but standing-by to be corrected.

To conclude, La Senda Verde is a wonderful place where we spent such an enjoyable and relaxing weekend and where we met some lovely people.  Yes, talking about you Tash and Mike.  Our cabin for two people per night cost just 100 Bolivianos (about $14).   100% ***** recommendation.  Here´s the link to La Senda Verde site.
If I get the chance, I will return to hang out with the red howler monkeys, who were being shy this time.

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