Wednesday, 5 January 2011

El Chalten Spectacular Trek 3 - Laguna Sucia

The last lot of photos of this massif I promise.  But the end point of this 8 hour walk was exceptional, even by the expectional standards of El Chalten.  We followed the Rio Blanco to its source.

Laguna Sucia.  An odd name given it means ´dirty lake´.  It was fabulously blue.  We saw hardly anyone on the final 90 minute trail up to it.  And we had it to ourselves for a good 1/2 hour before two others turned up.

Towering over the lake are Monte Fitz Roy, Cerro Poincenot and Aguja Saint Exupery.  Below them is Glaciar Blanco which hangs high over the lovely icy lake.

One of the roaring avalanches we witnessed, delivering ice chunks great and small into the lake.

This was a purely ironic act.  Though we were pleased with ourselves.  An amazing place to have to ourselves at the end of our week´s walking around El Chalten.   It was also the fifth of six days with blue skies and no clouds over the peaks.  Extremely unusual for the Fitz Roy Massif which is notorious for hiding behind cloud and subjecting visitors to days of gail force wind. 

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